How to pick a hair and makeup artist for your wedding


1- Start looking early.

Most makeup artists and hair stylists book out 8 to 12 month in advance.

Stressing and praying 6 weeks before your wedding that you will find a great stylists team is not necessary or recommended.

2- Read reviews.

Your wedding day is not the day that you want to worry about Hair and Makeup showing up late or not showing up at all or leaving you high and dry a week before your wedding.

3- Look at their website and photos!

If they do not have a website they most likely do not do hair and makeup full time and this could be a red flag.

4- Does their style match yours?

If he or she is not used to seeing you with a lot of makeup on this is not the day to surprise your partner. Save the trendy fun makeup for the honeymoon, you will be looking at these photos for a long time. Make sure that your styles match for hair and makeup.

5- A contract and deposit is a must!

Without a contract and deposit you have no guarantee that your Made of Honor won’t be doing the hair and makeup that day.

6- Do they have enough stylists to handle your group?

30 to 45 minutes per service per person is the norm. One stylists cannot do 10 people by themselves in a 3 or 4 hour period.

7- Responsiveness

If you have to beg them to answer your emails or calls, this is not a good sign.

8- Do you want to be around them?

You will be spending much of your day with your stylists , so pick people you like, you trust and want to spend your precious getting ready time with.

9- What products do they use?

Do they use Luxury Skin Care and makeup or drug store products? Remember in this industry, along with most, you get what you pay for.

10- How do you feel with them?

At the end of the day they are there to make you feel beautiful, cared for and safe. Weddings bring up lots of emotions, make sure your stylists can go with the flow and have fun!